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Fort Sill photos with names

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:41 pm    Post subject: Fort Sill photos with names Reply with quote

Well this is what we have so far, please let me know any mistakes or updates. Thank you Brad and everyone that added titles..





5 GR 7,7cm lFK 1896 n/A

6 GR 7,7cm lFK 1916

7 GR 10,5cm lFH 1898/09

8 Austro-Hungarian piece

9 GR 10cm Kanone 1904

10 280mm Gun

11 GR 10cm Kanone 1914

12 GR 10cm Kanone 1917 "Simson's Gun"

13 GR 15cm lg. sFH 1913

14 GR 25cm sMW

15 GR 17cm mMW

16 France 150mm Trench Mortar M1917

17 Battery Reel Cart M1917

18 Limber M1918 for 155mm Howitzer

19 6inch Field Howitzer M1908

20 Skoda 75mm Field Gun

21 US M1906 4.7-inch gun

22 75mm gun M1897

23 75mm gun M1897A2

24 Skoda DA 100/24 Filed Gun

25 JA 70mm Bat. Howitzer

26 JA 75mm Field Gun Type 90

27 JA 200mm Rocket Launcher (Naval)

28 GR 15cm sFH18

29 GR 8.8cm Flak 36

30 GR 21cm Howitzer M18

31 GR 10.5cm l.FH18(M)

32 GR 21cm Howitzer/Mortar GR19

33 GR 7.5cm Recoiless Rifle

34 GR 10.5cm Recoiless Rifle

35 GR 7.5cm Geb K15

36 GR 30cm

37 USSR 76.2 AT Gun

38 USSR 122mm Howitzer M1938

39 USSR 85mm Field Gun M1944

40 USSR 122mm Field Gun M31/37

41 UK 5.5-inch gun Mk4

42 UK 25 lb Field Gun

43 UK 18prd Field Gun

44 75mm Field Gun M1916

45 155mm howitzer M1917M1

46 M1917 GPF 155mm gun

47 75mm gun M2A2 converted to ATG, ca. 1940

48 T66 series 4.5-inch MRL

49 T27 series 4.5-inch MRL

50 M21 4.5-inch MRL

51 M1 4.5-inch gun

52 155mm Howitzer

53 M2 105mm howitzer

54 M102 105mm howitzer (prototype or test version)

55 M119, or the prototype for it

56 M7 SP 105mm Howitzer

57 M37 SP 105mm Howitzer

58 M44

59 M108

60 m110A2 8inch Howitzer

61 M53/M55 with what looks to be an experimental gun installation or T162?

62 M56 Scorpion

63 XM104

64 M107 175mm SP Gun

65 M1 8-inch Howitzer

66 240mm Howitzer M1918

67 240mm Howitzer

68 8inch Gun M1

69 130mm M1946

70 USSR 152mm Gun- Howitzer D20

71 USSR 122mm howitzer D-30

72 USSR 2S1 Gvozdika

73 152mm Type 83

74 130mm Type 63

75 155mm G5

76 155mm GH N45

77 M8 Redstone M8 GM

78 M2 Corporal GM

79 Sergeant GM

80 Ford JB-2 rocket (US copy of the German V1 rocket)

81 Lance GM

82 M51 Honest John RKT on M289 RL

83 Pershing 1A GM

84 Pershing II GM

85 M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System

86 M4 Lacrosse GM

87 MGM31A (Pershing I)
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